Guardians of The Galaxy #8

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Francesco Francavilla

The Guardians have now entered the fray, about time I may add. Up to now they have been used as an introduction of Angela into the Marvel Universe. Sure they know what’s going on and have been informed, but that was really it. They had no real influence on the event, though you could excuse it considering this one is the legitimate tie-in, maybe not as you’d expect the galactic team to have been playing more of a role from the start.

It took 8 issues, but finally Bendis has addressed the question of Quill, Drax, and Thanos’ survival of the Cancerverse. The one thing that could break their team apart is the truth though luckily Bendis decided to keep a secret. Really he did sell that moment at least for the fact that Thanos is still alive and Gamora is very unstable on the subject of killing him. Other than this, something finally brought Brand back into the story as last we saw from her was long ago when she was initially captured. Makes you think of much which has been neglected considering the scope of this event.

The style of Francesco is something different, using only a couple of tones of color. The mix of red, blue, black, yellow boldly really made everything stand out between the characters and capturing their expressions.

Decent tie-in to say the least that finally connects them to the main fight, even if it is coming close to an end. Might be next issue, but the pacing of this book has been inconsistent, for the most part it needs to quicken up a bit because this issue did feel a bit dull. Hopefully with the re-emergence of a new character at the end gives us that sense of excitement back.

Score: 7.8/10