Ultimate Comics Cataclysm #0.1 Review

Ultimate Comics Cataclysm #0.1

Written by: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by: Mico Suayan, Mirco Pierfederici, and Leonard Kirk

Days before, Reed Richards had thrown the world into chaos under his control, and the Ultimates took control back. Now once again they are faced with a new threat, just another day in their lives. I think the Vision was a great gateway into seeing what is in store for the Ultimate Universe.

Off the bat you want to be able to bridge that gap between Hunger, Age of Ultron, and what’s going on right now. The only person who was really affected by the tears was Spider-Man, and he hasn’t really been connected to this yet since his story just ended. Fialkov has great use of the heroes at his disposal and showing how someone like Galactus can instill fear in someone who really isn’t capable to express them the same way as most is the best way to do so. Her dialogue made it very friendly for those who are not completely aware of the situation to be caught up in a short amount of time.

Though using three artists, Mico Suayan, Mirco Pierfederici, and Leonard Kirk still managed to all convey that grim atmosphere that the emergence of Galactus has created. Mirco Pierfederici stands out as the best of the three as he put the most detail into his work and made Galactus look as powerful as he really is. That’s not to say the others were bad either because Mico’s style was just as great.

As somewhat of a prologue into Cataclysm, this issue did what it set forth to do. Earth and the Ultimates are now aware of what’s heading their way, they know the risk, what’s a stake, and now the first pain of loss. That’s only a small fraction of what’s to come and considering the state of the Ultimate Universe up to this point, expect nothing short of heroes at their best and nothing held back.

Score: 8.7/10