Infinity #5 Review

Infinity #5

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver

Things have finally started to connect. It has been a long time coming when that could be said, but knowing this is Hickman it was only a matter of time. Since Comic-Con there has been talk of this new title to come, Avengers World. You’d think at first that it was just focused on Earth, but now things have become clear that this is shaping up to become something on a grander scale.

Thor’s actions against that Builder was the spark that brought the end to this war. That right there was the climax, and now we see how that moment molded this story into an epic. Everything that had to do with the war in space felt like one and the atmosphere felt so triumphant, spoken from someone who witnessed it all and the amazement of how the Avengers rallied the Universe to take back their homes. Anyone can dismiss this event as a collection of moments, but those moments alone don’t do it justice. It is reveling to the readers who they all are at the very core, heroes. Every single one of them and Hickman is able to convey that message so well.

The only problem was that for someone who had just learned of his lineage, Thane was way too accepting of both his armor and the friendliness Maw extended towards him.

The fight isn’t over yet, and there’s one more world that needs saving. Earth has been the reason for everything going on and it ends with Earth and keeping Thanos from having his way with both his son and the world. Now both stories between Avengers and New Avengers collide and it is what we’ve been waiting for all this time considering they are fighting for the same reasons. I mean there could be a little more focus on the New Avenger’s side of the story, but that is what remains of this epic tale. Aside from this the collaboration between Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver consistently is on point and captures what makes this event so great.

Score: 9/10