Cataclysm – The Ultimates’ Last Stand

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Mark Bagley

Cataclysm has finally reached Earth and Galactus has made his presence known. This story takes place right after the events of Age of Ultron where Miles sees Galactus enter the Ultimate Universe. Though the original version of himself rather than the suped up Galactus that we’ve seen since Hunger. I do hope that is explained later on as his appearance in the #0.1 issue looked more imposing.

It’s great that we finally get to see the Ultimates in action as a full team, even if against a threat such as Galactus. The dynamic between them feels more natural and there is a lot more focus on teamwork. They are a very powerful team and when they threw everything at Galactus for him to just brush it off was signal enough for them that they’re out of their league in this fight. It was also executed well by Bendis as Tony figured out that Galactus is not from their Universe. That seemed to be what they wanted to address most and it is smart to have that out-of-the-way early.

My only problem is the the art felt a bit rushed and inconsistent. At the beginning with Ganke and Miles things looked a bit sloppy, yet when Galactus and The Ultimates arrived things looked a lot better. I hope it doesn’t become an issue throughout, but it could have been better.

Great way of showing just how screwed Earth may be that there is a cosmic level threat such as Galactus on Earth and no one is prepared. Considering everything they have been through up to this point, you just know that fighting Galactus will bring about the same excitement which makes this book one that keeps you at the edge of your seat. Anything can happen and we just have to hope that it isn’t the end.

Score: 7.7/10