Mighty Avengers #3 Review

Mighty Avengers #3

Written by: Al Ewing
Art by: Greg Land

The Blue Marvel has joined the fight and that only means that things are getting serious. Shuma-Gorath has been summoned and those who know him are aware that he brings nothing but destruction every time.

To start, the exchange between Power Man and White Tiger was a well placed moment between all this craziness. To come down and see how they were holding up since we last saw them they were not on the best terms about their job as heroes. Power Man especially showing some wisdom underneath all that anger, something that might reflect on his leadership skills later on.

Blue Marvel joining the fight couldn’t have been at a better time as the team for the most part was beaten. You like that he, Power Man, and White Tiger joining the fight brought some fun and excitement to their situation. You even have to love the entrance and calling them the Mighty Avengers. The team dynamic is great and Al Ewing has proved to have a handle on each of them individually. Though most of us know who Spider-Hero is by now, the mystery behind him is very impressive. Showing his extensive knowledge of things mystic and being able to talk the team through a lot of it. Makes for his reveal to have that much more of an impact on this story.

As the last two issues, this book has looked nothing more than stunning. The fight sequences, great use of bold and vibrant colors, and what more to say other than every moment looking picture perfect.

Overall this was a very fun, Mighty Avengers proves to be that kick ass book that knows traditional heroics. The banter between Spider-Man and Spider-Hero, the action, the team dynamic, Mighty Avengers really has it all and has a great balance between them. Everything down to that final speech that Luke gave at the end was brilliant, summing up what we can expect from the rest of this series.

Score: 8.7/10