The Movement #6

Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: Freddie Williams III

Fight for the future is what they do best and Gail Simone has her sights clear on just that. Tensions are running high and The Movement has to catch themselves before they fall. Not only this but the Graveyard Faction terrorizes Coral City.

The conflict of interest between Katharsis and Tremor has been one from the start that you knew would eventually erupt. All it took was Tremor realizing what she had really gotten herself into and making a choice that was best for her as the double agent. In general there is a conflict in interest from everyone and that is where Gail Simone is able to send her message across. Who has the people’s best interest in mind and what actions would you take to make a change. Anyone could argue it’s too political, but when dealing with the lives of the regular people of the world, there’s no other path to take.

The insertion of messages from people viewing the fight between Katharsis and Tremor was very central to this issue. Not to mention it’s great that it looked like actual messages in text speech. Not only did it capture everything going wrong for The Movement at that moment, but it gave them bad publicity which was not what they needed at a time like this. Their image as heroes of the people is something which they really do need to make any progress.

This was a great issue and if anything we take out of this is that no one is safe. Mouse’s fate is unknown since he tried to take the Graveyard Faction on by himself, and seeing what was done to him is an indication of what we can expect when the Movement confronts them. The plot thickens and things are going to get a lot worse before they get any better.

Score: 8.4/10