Harbinger #18 Review

Harbinger #18

Written by: Joshua Dysart
Art by: Barry Kitson and Riley Rossmo

The Perfect Day is not what it seems, nothing is as it seems. That much is what you expect from Harbingers and Joshua Dystart consistently delivers on this. It’s a psyche war after all, and The Renegades aren’t like the other Psiots when working together. Here there is more of a focus on Peter who is separated from the rest due to his higher level of power.

Each of the remaining Renegades are now on a quest to unite with each other. Easier said than done as to some extent, the perfect day is something that plays on what makes everyone involved flawed. This is what I’d believe to be the defining moment for these characters, Harada included. It might actually take a lot more than courage, strength, imagination and belief in each other to get out of this situation. Dysart has properly built up this story from the start showing just how hard it is to be a psiot. For the Renegades, they had a taste of freedom and now start to see that greater forces are at play to control them.

Above all, what’s stands out in this story is the emphasis on Harada and the stress he is clearly going through yet denies. Tying into both Bloodshot and Unity. Him shoving aside this seems to make you anticipate something to either go wrong in this book or Unity. The layout properly gives us an idea of how Harada’s schedule is, pretty shocking for a guy who doesn’t sleep.

Overall there’s some interesting progress made here. This is considering how the last issue ended with Monica who still holds importance to their escape from this illusion. The Perfect Day is coming to an end and when the dark truth behind it is revealed, the Foundation just might realize they got more than they bargained for. The only part of this issue that was really lacking was the style used to portray the world Harada created for Peter. Just didn’t look all too appealing throughout, was more inconsistent compared to the other half which was well done.

Score: 8.3/10