Injustice Gods Among Us – Annual #1 Review

Injustice Gods Among Us – Annual #1

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Xermanico

For a long while we have not see Harley Quinn due to the war between Superman and Batman. It’s very cool that she makes her return as Superman still has business to take care of with her. Whenever she was present in the main story, she was written to be very humorous and it was sad to see that she was gone after that, until now that is.

Lobo’s Injustice counterpart is every bit as badass as him, maybe even more. He is every bit as entertaining as well. Lobo invades the world of Injustice in a big way, with a bang actually. You love the confrontation between him and Superman because this isn’t the same Superman that he has dealt with in the past. This is one that doesn’t want to waste time messing with the likes of Lobo and as Lobo says, he’s the main man. Getting back to Harley, her dialogue with Lobo is just brilliant. Two people confronting one another who are nuts in their own way. You have to admit you laughed when you see her trying to make him laugh with her fake mustache. You may have even gotten more of a laugh when she meets up with Green Arrow and Black Canary. Taylor really knows how to make her click with the characters around her.

Harley with powers in general is a bad combo, yet creates the most exciting situation you could think of in the Injustice Universe. With that said, there was a lot of characterization on her end. It was a point in her story you’d anticipate for those who have played the game. She grows as much as a person compared to the many others who get a bit more time.

Overall, this Annual is in every way as exciting as the main books. Tom Taylor has an excellent grasp on what makes Harley such a fun character that she can hold her own story. Smart, cynical, humorous, and now just as kick ass as those with powers thanks to that pill. This story is a testament to how amazing Taylor is as a writer and this story is a must read if you are a fan of the series. Both for the story and the art which Xermanico does astonishingly. Some things from a distance looked a bit lacking, but everything else in focus looks so real and alive.

Score: 9/10