‘ClockWork’ Reaches Top 15 Games on Steam Greenlight in One Week

Developer Gamesoft’s debut game, ClockWork, has reached the top 15 games on Steam Greenlight in just one week.

ClockWork is currently the 13th most voted for game on Steam Greenlight, which includes more than 2000 different games. ClockWork reached this incredible feat in just one week, amassing thousands of up-votes and hundreds of notes of support as ClockWork’s second week on Steam Greenlight begins.

“A big thank-you to the fans who’ve voted for ClockWork so far – particularly those who found us through Jim Sterling’s YouTube video,” said Gamesoft CEO Vishal Gumber. “It’s very rewarding to see ClockWork being so well received and earning fresh fans worldwide. The team at Gamesoft have poured thousands and thousands of hours of hard work over two years into creating a compelling narrative and puzzle-platforming experience. This level of excitement is really pushing us to put the finishing touches on the world of Watchtower as we approach full release on Steam.”

ClockWork is a 2D platform adventure, where players control a young boy named Atto. Thanks to Atto’s friend and clockwork companion Milli, Atto is able to make duplicates of himself in order to solve time-based puzzles.

ClockWork is aiming for launch on PC and Mac in Q3 2016, but fans can continue showing their support for ClockWork on Steam Greenlight.