‘LawBreakers’ Enforcer Gameplay Trailer Released

Boss Key Productions has released the first of a four video series focusing on the different roles available in its upcoming multiplayer shooter, LawBreakers.

The first video in the series focuses on the Enforcer, with a new video released each week highlighting the entire roster of roles and characters. While the initial video may seem short, Boss Key aims to follow-up these releases with more in-depth videos, with tips, tricks and developer insight, until the next role video is released.

The Enforcer is essentially the run n’ gun option in LawBreakers, with both Axel and Kintaro utilising rifles from a far and the badger shock pistol at close range to obliterate their foes. Both characters also have a shoulder-mounted BloodHound Launcher to ensure when their opponents go down, they stay down.

Boss Key is preparing for the LawBreakers Early Access phase later this year, but are still inviting players to test out the game in the Alpha portion and provide feedback. The next Alpha test will take place Friday, July 22 and Saturday, July 23 (US time).

Want to take part in the upcoming Alpha? Make sure to register via the official LawBreakers website for your chance to play.