Wonder Woman #21 Review

Wonder Woman #21

Written by: Brian Azzarello
Art by: Cliff Chiang

When you ask for characters that have a bite that matches their bark? That is what you get with not just this issue, but the book. You have heroes who would knock your block off if you crossed or disrespected them, and they also show wit in everything they say. It is issues like this which is why you continue to read this book, being one of the best that DC has to offer. Even with all this action you still find the dialogue funny and certainly does give you a laugh. Orion really stood out just for that reason.

This issue in particular was fast paced and straight to the point. Brian really shows his knowledge of mythology and displays that in the most exciting way that really is brilliant, you have to give him credit for that specifically. There is also still mystery which makes this story more than what is just on the surface. What did the baby do? What can the baby do? Did the First Born survive that explosion? On top of this there are many standout moments that ends with Lennox’s sacrifice, something that was very heroic.

Overall this is Wonder Woman. You get the action, the banter which flows, and mythology that is appealing to follow. The art work by Cliff Chiang showed everything from the emotion, battle scars, just made the battles alone pop out more than they already did. You felt like there were a bunch of powerhouses throwing down. This issue shows why among the many DC titles out there, this is a must read.

Score: 9.5/10