The Bounce #6 Review

The Bounce #6

Written by: Joe Casey
Art by: David Messina

Talk about being taken on a journey, The Bounce is one that takes you above and beyond. The philosophical nature of the world that Joe Casey has created around Jasper. One that has so many pieces and every issue gives you more pieces and answers, understanding how everything came to be and what it really is. Big secrets are definitely revealed and this issue is reason enough why you should be reading this book now if not.

There’s so much exploration that this book exposes you to. The two realities, the powers, drugs, sexual tones, and so many layers and complexities which engage you out of pure curiosity. This is all about finding the truth, and for Jasper’s sake, doing so before a world he cannot comprehend anymore kills him. Starting with The Sauterne you get more of an understanding of this reality from Zander, even if still vague. You sympathize with him more than anyone else because even as Jasper has his own problems, Zander is alone and there’s not much he can do about it. Then you have Darling and now coming to an understanding as to his motivations, who is so far the biggest key to breaking the barrier between the real world and The Sauterne.

The style of The Sauterne remains the most creative and unique aspect of this story. I don’t want to use the word trippy, but that is the word that comes to mind aside from it looking in general like a heroes world. It’s quite empty as well which you notice, though you could only guess that is to keep much of this world unknown till more can be revealed. It seems you get more out of it as Jasper returns to it.

Overall this was a very solid issue. Ending with The Vamp makes her big move against The Bounce. Now things are coming full circle as all different sides to this story are now having some influence on each other and a crazy new world is now about to get a bit crazier. What does this story have in store for Jasper? Who knows, but lets hope it’s not his end.

Score: 8.5/10