Velvet #1

Written by: Ed Brubaker
Art by: Steve Epting

This was an intense start to what is Ed Brubaker creating that dark and gritty noir tale. That is what you initially see from this story as you see the mystery and high-octance action that really draws you in from beginning to end. This very well did have a twist on the spy genre and Velvet is a great female lead for this book.

As the first issue story trumps everything else you could throw into it. Seeing the history of the agency and how everything connects back to Velvet making her the main character. It’s all very important as this issue feels more like a set up for what is to come. You always want to use that first issue to put the pieces into play and that seems to be what Brubaker had in mind when he approached this story. Understanding the plot, the agency, and Velvet herself. When introduced to Velvet it’s when she learns about the agent who is killed, one who she was close to and that is where things start because he is that catalyst for her to remember her past.

This story proves to be just as much about exploration as anything on. Laying heavily upon character development and giving you a reason to care about Velvet as the main character. There’s more to her than what is on the surface and that is something emphasized from the very start. This and then creating that mystery for us to unravel. it’s obvious that this agent’s death was no mistake on his part and it’s that alone which drives this story right now. It also was a bit obvious the situation she’d find herself in at the end of the issue considering how Brubaker described her personality. But even so, you still question how one could walk into a trap if he’s their best agent? That is the big question and what you carry with you.

This book is highly recommended if you like noir stories with just as much story as action. Velvet has a strong start and shows a lot of potential down the road given what this issue leaves you with. Pick it up, enjoy it, and anticipate the next issue because Brubaker really has done it again with this complex heroine, giving her a voice and appealing direction.

Score: 8.6/10